Frequently Asked Questions

Digital advertising is a form of business marketing that utilizes large screens in local businesses that are placed where customers are standing and waiting.
You can read more about Digital Advertising or Digital Out of Home(DOOH)
We do not sell any physical product, we sell advertising space on our digital medium. The actual hardware and software that we install are not for sale.
We have created proprietary software that allows us to create ads, put them into a playlist, and transmit them to our host screens.
bizXposure uses the newest encryption technologies and hosts its own secure off-site servers. Any changes made to our boxes are done through a secure connection that will not have any effect on the businesses internet security.
Digital advertising is the future of advertising mediums. Customers can make instant changes to their ads, choose to make different ads, or stop running certain ads in real time. Ads can be created and placed into circulation instantly. If a customer already has artwork and logos done, we can create an ad and have it playing the next day. Digital advertising is also green- There are no materials being used to create this form of advertising. Digital advertising can be done at a fraction of the cost of print or air media.
bizXposure will create a basic ad for your company starting at $100.
A basic ad is a picture, pictures, or logo with basic font to describe your business or service.
We can upgrade your ad to make it more eye-catching. We can add multiple pictures that come up every few seconds, we can create animated characters or moving pictures, or we can have our graphic artists create a custom ad with hand-drawn or graphic art. Our video ads are a popular option as well.
Yes through our web site,, every customer is given a username and password and is allowed to make changes to or a new template ad. These changes will be flagged for approval and our staff will initiate the changes. allows customers to create, change, start, or stop their ads. It also allows customers to see how many times their ads have played and in what locations. We also offer a free employment ad and community events ads, where customers can place employment ads and not-for-profit community events at no charge. These ads will run in our playlist throughout the day.
A playlist consists of local ads, weather, jobs, and events.
A playlist is approximately 15 minutes long. Your ad will be displayed at least once during that 15 minutes for 30 seconds. Additional showings during that 15 minutes may be purchased.
1920x1080 seems to work best for scaling large or small screens.
There are many safe guards written into our code that allows us to know the current state of all of our locations. Our employees will know if there is an issue with equipment, internet connection, or software issues-although all are rare. If you do notice an issue and would like to report it this can be done by emailing or calling 888-959-8213.
Yes, for example: if you are an establishment that sells food and you do not want any other food ads on your screen you may disclose that and we can make sure only other ads play on your screen.
Any business can advertise with bizXposure. All businesses may not end up on all screens, due to competing businesses not wanting to have similar businesses on their screen. bizXposure was created to help small local company’s promote their business.
That depends on your budget. A customer can choose from one to the entire network.
There is a counter on our website on the customer’s ad that shows how many times this ad has been shown. We set the boxes to only operate during business hours so this count will not be altered. There is also a counter at the bottom of all of our host screens to display how many times our ads have been seen in all of our locations.
Businesses may track where, and how often their ad has played through our website. Businesses may want to offer a discount in their ad to attract new customers, and track that discount.
Brand recognition is the key factor in a customer remembering your company over another. Your logo and ad may be the difference between customers going elsewhere. Studies by Nielsen show that Digital Advertising helps customers recognize your business twice as much as print media and a third more than radio. Visual advertising catches a customer’s attention and keeps it in their memories.