Our franchise is big on success and small on cost!

Reasons to partner with bizXposure!

  bizXposure The Competition
Low start-up cost Yes No
Enough margin to hire producers Yes No
Limited Geographic Area/Territories No Yes
Limited income potential No Yes
Low Maintenence/Centrally Managed System Yes No
Can run this business while keeping existing employment Yes No
Continuous Support and Training on all equipment Yes No
Ability to cross-sell other integrated products Yes No

The choice is clear!

When you partner with bizXposure, we put you on the path to success. Ours is not a standard franchise system. The Partner VAR Program, is the best digital signage franchise out there!

We support you in marketing, sales tools, maintenance and keep you up to date with cutting edge advertising technologies. We want you to be able to focus on generating revenue and growing your business.

Your success is our success!

We have developed the industry-leading sales system!

Interested in Becoming a Partner VAR?

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Pathway to success!
Our Partner VAR program is a pathway to success!

Franchise Start-Up Costs

Other digital signage franchises can charge upwards of $200,000 to get started. We only ask for an initial capital investment of $10,000. We want you to have more in your pocket to get your business launched!

High Profit Margins

You have the ability to make and retain high margins, so you can hire the team you need to exceed your goals!

No Boundaries

Many of our competitors give you a small geographic area that you are allowed to cover. We don't want to put a limit on your potential! In today's digital age, THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!

Low Maintenance

Are you starting a business because you want to be tied to a desk 7 days a week? With our system, we provide support through all phases of the sales process so can enjoy life.

Continuous Support and Training

The digital advertising industry is rapidly changing, and we keep you up to date on the newest technologies. We will keep you trained so you can be at the top of your game.

Additional Sources of Revenue

We have partnered with other industry leading businesses so you can offer other services to your clients and generate additional revenue. Some of these include Website Design, Programming, Payroll services, Insurance and more.