Submitted: DCS Sales and the Free Mileage Log Development Team
Indroducing Our Latest Product... Free Mileage Logs!

We are excited to announce the launch of Free Mileage Logs! In the coming weeks we will be adding the premium account options which allows you to add multiple vehicles. Feel free to create a free account today!


What is Free Mileage Logs?

Gas prices are growing out of control, and our dependence on fossil fuels is still firmly rooted. It's important for anyone, especially those who drive as part of their work, to save money wherever possible.

An often overlooked opportunity to save on fuel cost is through simple tax deductions. You can list all the miles you travel for business purposes as a tax deduction at year end, where each mile has a monetary value set by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). If you've got a lot of miles, that can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.

In order for you to get these deductions, you have to be able show a record. That’s where we come in.

Free Mileage Logs allows anyone to easily keep track of the all the mileage they travel in each of their vehicles in one convenient location that can be accessed from anywhere. With this simple little record you can save hundreds of dollars on your taxes.

How does it work?

Free Mileage Logs is designed to be simple to use and easy to understand.

All you have to do is input your starting and ending miles for each trip you take, and it will all be safely and securely stored in our database.

To check your mileage, just log in and go to the mileage reporting page.
You can view a full report of your miles by vehicle for the day, week, month, year, or even longer.

There are several different types of accounts available.
The free account is limited to one vehicle, but if you have a few vehicles to track (or even a fleet) you can expand your account to one of our low-cost premium options.

Click here to create a free account today!