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bizXposure launches Partner VAR program

bizXposure Inc., a digital signage company, has announced the launch of it's Partner VAR program.  It is a hybrid franchise model that is unique in the industry.  Other Digital Signage Franchises ask a higher start-up fee, causing it to take longer for franchises to get off the ground.  bizXposure has made it easier for anyone wanting to join the exploding industry of "Digital Out of Home" (DOOH) or digital adverting, to become a partner of success.

What makes bizXposure's program different, is the support you will receive throughout the life of your business.  bizXposure handles billing, techical support, corporate marketing and more!  You just focus on building connections and watching your business grow.  All Partner VARs get access to proprietary sales tools that are designed for quick closing and retention.  Jacob Weed, CEO of bizXposure said:

"Other digital signage franchises out there are asking upwards of $200,000 to get started and they give you a small territory you are allowed to work.  This is the digital age, and we don't want to restrict anyone's growth!  Our Partner VARs only need to come up with $10,000 of working capital and we will get them started on the path to success.  No boundaries and no limit to potential."

You can call bizXposure at 888-959-8213 or you can read more about the Partner VAR program at