Submitted: Matt Scheartl
2017 Local Election - Letter from Matt Scheartl

Fellow Chamber and Community Members:


As you know, I am running for Town Supervisor against Jeff Gallahan (R) in the Republican Primary September 12th.


As a candidate I will not ask you and I would prefer NOT to have my signs in businesses – especially retail ones - as there is a possibility that it could offend your businesses customers. As a Chamber member for 15 years or so, there are many of us that have worked hard at helping the businesses attract support and grow a viable customer base and encourage our family members to shop, eat, drink local.


It is far too easy to do business over the internet or to travel to a neighboring community for similar services. A poster for a few weeks can cost a customer for years - regardless of the outcome of the election.


I ask for your consideration in either denying the request, or, accept it but inform them that you will also be displaying the other candidate(s) equally as a means of conversation piece, but not as an endorsement.


The best way to grow business is to maintain your current customers!



Matt Scheartl