Interns at Red Jacket meet with their client

Red Jacket intern meeting
Student interns, DCS, and Red Jacket faculty met to discuss project.
From left to right: Ben Moran (intern), Owen Borghi (intern), Michael Samodurov (intern), Jacob Weed (DCS), Lori Ryan, and Jane Stockton-Kobos. Intern Nathan Ester not pictured.

DCS student interns from Red Jacket School met with DCS of New York inc. CEO and faculty from Red jacket to discuss the project they will be working on for the duration of the internship. The school, as client, has asked for an internship matching website. A successful project will end with a website that will match potential interns with relevant opportunities, making it easier for other students to find internships.
The website will allow schools to register an account, making it available to their students, and potential employers can add opportunities they want to host. It will be similar to job search websites that match applicants with available jobs, but will have limited public access.
DCS is excited to host this project and hopes these interns gain valuable experience and make it easier for other students to find internships in the future.