Submitted: SMACC Derby Team
2016 Wild Water Derby Just Two Weeks Away!

The 2016 Wild Water Derby is only two weeks away!


The Derby website is up and running for 2016 with the updated schedule and forms.  You can pay for registration through the site as well.  There is a lot happening with the Derby weekend.  It really brings the whole community together.  There is a Red Jacket 5k to benefit the school Corss-Country and Track teams.  The Vendor and Craft Fair is happening on Saturday.  There is also a raffle-fundraiser to support the Twin Cities Food Pantry.  This local organization helps support many of our local families in need.

We send out a big THANKS to our sponsors and all the local volunteers who put it all together!  See you in a couple weeks!

Wild Water Derby Photo

Wild Water Derby, Manchester & Shortsville NY - Photo Credit and Copyright Dave Spier